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Manage your Medicines

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Ampoule helps you manage an inventory of medical drugs and devices

Four boxes as displayed in Ampoule: Dr Wilson, First Aid, Medical Kit and Resuscitation

Group items into boxes

Have a single box for your first aid kit or medical bag, or as many as you want. Ampoule can manage a whole clinic!

Search, sort and filter items

Search, sort, filter and edit your items flexibly, with customisable attributes, icons and colours. All items are indexed in Spotlight.

Example items

At a glance summary

Ampoule shows a summary of your inventory in the app. Easily see any items that are expiring soon or low on stock.

Widgets and notifications

See a summary with customisable widgets and receive notifications when items expire.

Widgets and notifications
PDF Export

Export PDF and JSON

Export PDF documents for printing. Import and export with JSON for archiving or sharing your inventory.


Ampoule is developed by Chris Wilson, an NHS General Practitioner in Northern Ireland.Use the form or email link to send a message with queries, feedback or ideas for how Ampoule could be improved.